Sub Areas (Renting)

What is a Sub Area?

Land Areas are "Sub Areas/Lands" inside a Land. These Areas are three dimensional, meaning that they’re bound not to chunks, but rather blocks. You can trust players to a specific Area(s) and apply flags for it, like you would for a Land.

Creating a New Area

1. Open your Land menu with /lands menu and select “Areas”.

  1. Click “Create Area”.

  2. Enter the name of the Area in chat.

  1. You should notice that the Area will show up in the menu and give you instructions on how to set the size of it.

  1. Once the selection is set, it will display it to you live. You can make changes as you wish, then run /lands selection assign. From here, you can proceed to setting up your new Area.

Trusting Players and Setting Flags

By opening the Areas menu and clicking on an Area, you can trust players to the specified Area and edit its flags. You can do everything for this specific Area, like you can for Lands.

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