Deliveries offer a unique method of making Corbacash. Inspired by the game "Hay Day", we’ve developed our own take on it.

What are Deliveries?

Deliveries are a form of quest in which you must retrieve specific items within a time limit. To perform a delivery, simply go to spawn and find the "delivery man". Right-clicking this NPC will open up the current deliveries you can currently accept.

To fulfill a delivery, you must have the requested items in your inventory and click the delivery item in the GUI. This concept is meant to be simple but rewarding.

Types of Deliveries

There are currently 7 different types of deliveries, express, standard, lightning, special, enchantment, mystery, and donator.

Standard Deliveries

Standard deliveries are typically the easiest to fulfill. Each standard delivery has a time limit of 1 hour attached to it, meaning you have 1 hour to retrieve the requested items and bring them back to the delivery man. Often, this is plenty of time. The pay is typically lower compared to the other delivery types.

Express Deliveries

The time limit for fulfilling an express delivery is 10 minutes, but the reward is much greater than standard deliveries.

Lightning Deliveries

If you successfully deliver one of these, you’ll be rewarded nicely. You only have 1 minute to deliver these items! Good luck!

Special Deliveries

Special delivery loads require odd or unique items that most players typically don't have much of. You have 6 hours to deliver these.

Enchantment Deliveries

Enchantment deliveries require a specific tool with a specific enchantment. 6 hours to complete and it pays handsomely.

Donator Deliveries

This is something of a hodgepodge of things and pays slightly better than standard. These have a 1 hour timer. Exclusive to donators.

Deliveries often have different sizes, ranging from small to ultimate. The greater the size, the better the pay.


  • You can only get to the delivery man by running to him in spawn. To get back to spawn, use /spawn.

  • We highly recommend having an organized storage room to quickly deliver the items.

  • Deliveries are one of the best ways to make money on the server.

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