Selling Items

The most reliable way to make Corbacash is by selling items to the server. By starting crop farms, mob farms, and mining you can make some quick money. You can also sell items on the auction house.

Class Shops

Class shops are menus that allow you to sell items related to your selected class to the server.

  • You can only sell the items of the class you have chosen. Farmers can only open the farm shop, miners can only open the mine shop, and warriors can only open the mob shop.

  • The more of an item that is sold, the lower the price you can sell it for. For instance, if you just sold a bunch of sugarcane to your class shop, the next person won’t be able to sell it for as much.

  • Each item has an hourly per-player sell limit, meaning you can only sell a set number of a given item per hour. This limit resets every hour, so if you hit the limit, you can wait an hour and it'll be ready to sell again.

Tip: Like the sell limit, all prices reset back to their base value every hour, meaning it’s beneficial to be the first to sell.

Why set these limits?

  • We want to avoid any single item dominating the server economy. It would be boring if everyone just grew cactus, wouldn't it?

  • We want to promote players considering other means of income, such as deliveries, quests, and developing and maintaining their own player shops, in which they can sell items to other members of the server. See: Deliveries, Quests, Player Shops

  • We felt that a supply-and-demand feature would be unique.

Auction House

Another method of selling items is on the server auction house. You can access the auction house by running /ca.

To sell the items in your hand on the auction house, run /ca sell <price> <amount>.

Items on the auction house expire if they aren't sold within 10 days. To collect any items of yours that didn't sell in time, run /ca expire.

  • You’re only able to auction 1 item at a time by default.

  • You can purchase more auction slots through the upgrade shop in spawn.

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