Useful Commands

Here's a basic list of commands you have access to.

Basic Commands

  • /help <command> - Opens the help menu, or displays the details of a specified command.
  • /wild - Teleports you to a random location.
  • /sethome <home name> - Sets a home that you can teleport back to.
  • /home <home name> - Teleports you to the specified home.
  • /spawn - Teleports you to spawn.
  • /claim - Claims land and to prevent griefing. See: Claiming
  • /kit <kit name> - Gives you the specified kit, if available. /kit claim gives you tools to help claim land.
  • /warp <warp name> - Lists server warps, or teleports you to the specified warp.
  • /pwarp <warp name> - Lists player warps, or teleports you to the specified player warp. See: Player Warps
  • /tpa <player> - Sends a request to teleport to another player.
  • /tpahere <player> - Sends a request to teleport another player to you.

Economy Commands

  • /bal - Displays your current balance.
  • /shop - Opens the sell shop.
  • /ah - Opens the auction house. See: Auction House
  • /pay <player> <amount> - Sends money to another player.
  • /quest - Opens the quest menu. See: Quests
  • /baltop <page #> - Displays the server’s balance leaderboard.

Miscellaneous Commands

  • /msg <player> <message> - Sends a private message to another player.
  • /r <message> - Replies to the most recent private message.
  • /ignore <player> - Prevents you from seeing the specified player’s messages in chat.
  • /vote - Displays links to websites where you can vote for the server.
  • /buy - Displays a link to the Corbacraft store where you can purchase donator ranks and other things that help support the server.