Player Warps

Warps make it easier to get from place to place

About Warps

Player warps are warps purchased and set by players. Every player can set 1 player warp for free by default.

You can purchase a player warp for $15,000 from the upgrade shop in spawn.

Setting a Warp

Creating your own warp is easy. Simply stand where you want the warp to be and run the following command:/pwarp set <warp name>

Additional Commands

  • /pwarp desc set <warp name> <description> - Prompts you to set the description for the specified warp.

  • /pwarp icon set <warp name> <block_id> - Sets the icon for the specified warp to the specified block.

  • /pwarp remove <warp name> - Deletes the specified warp. WARNING: Deleted warps will NOT be refunded.

  • /pwarp lock <warp name> - Locks your warp and prevents access.

  • /pwarp list - Lists all current player warps.

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