Learn how to claim Land and use some of the advanced features of our land claiming plugin.

Land Claiming 101

What are claims?

Shortly explained, claims are used to protect your land from other players. Corbacraft uses the GriefPrevention plugin to make this possible. Claiming your land, by default, makes sure others cannot steal your stuff, or modify your builds. You can however allow others to modify your claim by trusting them to your claim. If you want to get rid of your claim(s), making it accessible to others, you can delete it.

The GriefPrevention plugin uses claim blocks. Claim Blocks are the amount of blocks you can claim. On corbacraft everyone starts off with 250 of these. When you delete a claim, the amount of blocks will become available to you again. Meaning you get to use them for a new claim.

How to make a claim

Step 1

To get started we will need to get a golden shovel. You can either craft one or get one from one of our kits. You can get our kit for claiming using the following command:

/Kit claim

After using this command you should have a golden shovel as well as a stick.

The stick can be used to see whether someone claimed a piece of land. Right click someone’s land or build with the stick to do this. The golden shovel is what you can use to claim your land.

Step 2

Find two corners around the building you would like to claim. Make sure the corners would surround your entire building, if they were to form a square.

To claim your land right click both corners while holding the golden shovel. If the corners turn into glowstone and gold, as shown below, you’ve done it all correctly!

How to trust someone to your claim

It is possible to allow others to modify your claim. You can allow others to do this using the trust command:

/Trust (player)

Once someone is trusted they can do everything you can in your claim. If you want to untrust someone from your claim you can use the following untrust command:

/Untrust (player)

How to delete a claim

To delete a claim use the following command:


You can also get rid of all your claims at once. To do this use:


Use /Claimlist to see all your claims and their coordinates

How to get more claim blocks

More claim blocks will allow you to claim more land. You can do a few things to earn more claimblocks on corbacraft.

You can vote for our server by using the /vote command. This helps our server immensely!

You can also buy more claim blocks with our ingame currency, do this with the /buyclaimblocks command.

The last thing you can do is to buy more claim blocks via our website,

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