Boss Fights

Earn collectible items by completing boss fights.

What are Boss Fights?

Boss fights on Corbacraft are similar to the Enderdragon boss fight. By completing a boss fight you are often awarded with a collectible item from the boss you killed.

Unlike the Enderdragon most of the boss fights on Corbacraft require teamwork, however there is a catch. Only the player that deals the most damage is rewarded the collectible item.

How To Start a Boss Fight

Boss fights are a simple challenge to begin. Below is the proper steps.

  1. Purchase, find, or trade for a boss egg. The easiest way to obtain a boss spawn egg is by purchasing one from the Bounty Hunter. Another easy way is by trading to players that may have an extra.

  2. Travel to /warp bossarena to spawn the boss. From here all you have to do is eliminate it.

Pro Tip: You can have an unlimited number of players participate in the boss fight. Just be aware only the one with the most damage receives the collectible.

Boss Rewards

Each boss drops a collectible item to whomever did the most damage to it in the fight. These items are only able to be obtained by completing boss fights. Once the boss is removed from the server by the staff team the reward will no longer be obtainable.

Reward Types:

  • Clothing

  • Weapon

  • Tool

Reward/Boss Tiers: (higher the tier the better)

Whatever tier the boss is listed as is the tier of reward they offer.

  • Tier 1 (*)

  • Tier 2 (**)

  • Tier 3 (***)

Boss fights are expensive to start, so make sure your ready for the battle.

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