A very convenient way to team up with other players.

This feature is very simple and not meant to be overly complicated. With that being said a quick run down of the basic commands can be found below.

The goal of parties is to allow you to create a "team" of players to play with. We plan to add a leaderboard that somehow will calculate your parties success compared to others. At this time the method of determining success is undetermined.


  • /party create - Creates a party others can be invited to.

  • /party invite (name) - Invite a player to your party.

  • /party chat (on/off) - Turn on or off party chat allowing just your party members to communicate amongst each other.

  • /party accept - Accept a party invite and join a party.

  • /party deny - Deny a party invite

  • /party join (partyName) [password] - Join a party using a provided password.

  • /party claim - Allows all those in your party access to your claims.

Party Moderation

  • /party kick (playerName) - Kick a specified player from your party.

  • /party delete - Delete your party.

  • /party open - Open your party for anyone to join.

  • /party password (password) - Set a password for your party.

Party Cost

  • Create a party 50k

  • Set your party description 10k

  • Set party home 10k

  • Rename your party 25k

  • Use your party home 500

  • Set your party tag 2k

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